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How to wash your waterproof and breathable apparel

From time to time you need to take care of your waterproof jackets and apparel to keep them in a good condition and prolong their lifetime. Starting with a wash and, if necessary, waterproofing of your trusty gear. So, how do you this?

For washing and waterproofing of our sailing jackets, sailing trousers, skiing jackets and other outdoor clothing we use the eco friendly and biodegradable products by OrganoTex. These products are for your waterproof and breathable apparel without being harmful to the environment! 



For washing, you will need a suitable detergent like OrganoTex Biocare Sport Textile Wash & cleaning cloth. Using a suitable detergent is an absolute must! Regular washing detergents will lower the waterproof and breathability performance of the membrane. For insulated apparel like puffer jackets use OrganoTex Biocare Wool & Down Wash.



Eco tip; use a microfiber filter or washing bag, preventing microfibers and microplastics from ending up in the ecosystem!



For waterproofing, you will need a spray bottle with water, a waterproofing solution like OrganoTex Wash-In textile waterproofing or OrganoTex Spray-On textile waterproofing. Although the Spray-On is very easy to apply on a single item, the Wash-In is more efficient when it comes to waterproofing multiple items.

Start with emptying your pockets, closing zippers & velcro, and loosen any stoppers. This will minimize the risk of damaging the shell, zippers, and stoppers while washing.


Clean of any excess dirt & stains from the item with a cleaning cloth and warm water to maximize the result of your wash.

Checking the DWR
Your durable water repellant (DWR) can last you a long time, so it isn’t always necessary to waterproof your gear. But how do you know when it is time to waterproof? Use the spray bottle and squirt the item with a nice mist of water. Does the water form beads or drops on the surface of the fabric? Well, your gear doesn’t need waterproofing just yet! No beads and is the water absorbed by the fabric? Then your gear is in need of some extra love with a waterproofing treatment.

Now your gear is ready to be washed. Make sure the detergent drawer of your washing machine is clean from any old detergent as this could harm your membrane. Wash your items with the appropriate dose of Sport Textile Wash according to the label, 60 ml will do for washing multiple items up to 4-5 kg. Use a washing program with a low temperature and low spin cycle applying with the care instructions of the item.


Eco tip; Handwash a single item with just 20ml per 10 liters of water.


For the Wash-In waterproofing you can leave your items in the washing machine. Use 100ml for 1 item and item 50ml for each additional item, with a maximum of 3 items. Run a short wash program with a spin cycle again applying with the care instructions of the item. Tumble dry on a low heat considering the care instructions of the item for the best DWR performance.


When using the Spray-On textile waterproofing make sure the item is completely dry before applying the waterproofing. Protect the work surface and spray on the item at a 20 cm distance making sure the fabrics get evenly wet. Wait 1 minute and repeat and rub the liquid evenly with a cloth (protective gloves are advised due to PH levels), remove excess liquid with a cloth. Tumble dry on a low heat considering the care instructions of the item for the best DWR performance.


Eco tip; Hand wash a single item with the Wash-In waterproofing with a 50 ml dose of wash-in for every 10L of water (ideal for tents and other large items). And let your item(s) air dry in a warm place for 1 to 2 days to activate the DWR (not in direct sunlight).


Enjoy the great outdoors
Now your waterproof gear is ready for sensible exploring the great outdoors!

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